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Interstate Trade from the States with Low Taxes
Interstate Trade from Indian Reservation
International Trade - Stores Located Out of the USA

There are 3 types of sources for internet cigarettes purchase:
  1. Interstate trade from the states with low tax (like Virginia, Kentucky) to states and cities with high taxes.
  2. Interstate trade from Indian (Native American) reservations.
  3. International trade from the stores located outside the USA.
But there are some people and institutions that are not satisfied with such kind of trade, such as:
  1. Departments, tax offices and corresponding General Attorneys, in charge of tax issues.
  2. Phillip Morris Company, due to its regional, sales and marketing policy.
And they make huge efforts to either stop the internet cigarette sales to US citizens or make customers pay taxes. View details about cigarettes trade ban in NY Federal and state courts have consistently upheld the prohibiting measures, most recently in a February decision from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.
The state will employ a variety of mechanisms to enforce the law (prohibiting cigarette shipments to consumers), said Michael Bucci, a spokesman for the Department of Taxation and Finance. The law gives the state the ability to go after carriers which deliver shipments, he said. And while the state has no authority over the U.S. Postal Service, it can prosecute shippers who violate the law, Bucci said.
Actually, this law seems to us unconstitutional and undermining freedom of Internet trade, but it is in force now. And we have to understand its consequences (how does it affect smokers).
This law prohibits selling through Internet. But it has nothing to do with the customers who purchase cigarettes. Therefore it is still legal to buy online cigarettes, as there is nothing dangerous for the customers themselves.
  1. This law prohibits selling and delivering cigarettes, but it's still legal for a smoker to buy them.
  2. USPS does not comply with this law, as it is a Federal Agency.
Thus the NY State did not manage to stop cigarettes-by-mail trade but it is still incessantly trying to raise more and more difficulties for it.
Now, let's analyze all three types of online cigarette sources, from the point of view of customer's comfort, benefit and safety.
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